When it comes to establishing your church ministry from the ground, it can be a very rigorous experience that involves a lot of frustrations because you don’t know exactly what to do. When you begin a church ministry, much like a for-profit business, you must register the business with the state and federal government. As a church organization, you qualify as a non-profit organization that provides tax exemptions; thus, you must register your church as a non-profit organization, called a 501(c)3, with the Internal Revenue Service. To not pay taxes and to not to have a 501(c)3 is illegal and can result in very costly fees for illegal activities. Many pastors have been fined, and their ministries jeopardized due to the violations of the 501(c)3 Internal Revenue Laws.

In this dynamic seminar, “How to Establish Your 501(c)3,” you will be provided with the tools and steps needed to get establish your ministry’s 501(c)3. This seminars is presented by/with the financial knowledge of IRS experts, accountants, and a CPA.

In this seminar, you will learn:

      • The steps to register your ministry with the state
      • How to register your ministry with the federal government and receive your tax ID number
      • The top 5 reasons churches lose their tax exempt status
      • How to file your 501(c)3 certificate at a lower cost
      • How to gain invaluable insights about handling your church’s bank accounts when starting a church
      • The 10 things that will get you in trouble both legally and criminally
      • And much, much more!

If you are planting a church or are thinking about starting a church or if you have a church and you don’t have a 501(c)3, you must attend the “How to Establish Your 501(c)3” seminar. This seminar will assist you in establishing your ministry according to the laws of non-profits based upon IRS Codes.

Date: June 24th

Time: 12 PM

Length of Seminar: 3 – 4 Hours

Location: DCKM Leadership Development & Training Corporation | 7401 Gulf Freeway | Houston, TX 77017

This seminar is normally offered at a value of $599, but is being offered during this year for the discounted price of $299, with additional discounts for 5 or more. Seating is limited so register TODAY to secure your seat. Click on the link below to reserve your seat today!

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How to Increase Your Churches’ Giving


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The How To Increase Your Church’s Giving Seminar is designed to equip you to face the financial challenges your ministry faces. Move your church towards greater levels of success that can be measured in disciples and dollars in this dynamic and impactful workshop seminar!

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