About The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment

"Empowering Churches One Leader at a Time"

The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment is dedicated to assisting churches and church leaders in the area of church growth and health.

While the Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment is dedicated to assisting churches across denominational lines, cultural lines, and generational lines, it is especially dedicated to a very unique market of churches and church leaders – African-Americans. Dr. Dana Carson, the founder of the Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment, has been uniquely trained and equipped in the area of Church Growth and Leadership Development with special focus upon the African-American Church and its growth and sustainability factors.

Between 8,000 to 10,000 churches are closing annually, which means 667 to 833 churches are closing a month, or 154 to 192 churches are closing a week, or 22 to 27 churches are closing a day. Many African-American churches remain stronger than our white sister mainline churches.

Why? Because of the place of religion in the lives of black people, the black church is seen as more vibrant. However, many young African-Americans have lost interest in the African-American Church, and the church’s efforts to reach them, including and especially African-American males, have been very unsuccessful. Unfortunately, while there is a multiplicity of church growth institutions, they are not skilled or focused upon the uniqueness of the black church and the black culture. Many of the principles of church growth that are taught and written about focus primarily upon the white middle class. There is some work, like Tex Sample, that focuses upon whites in rural areas. However, there is very little church growth data that is based upon research of churchgoing African-Americans. Thus, the principles learned in most of the church growth seminars and conferences that black pastors attend, while they are very structured and well organized, they don’t work with African-Americans. Simply put, what works for white churches doesn’t work for black churches. In addition, our present church growth literature that was effective at one time is failing tremendously; in all types of churches, the attrition rate is steadily rising.

The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment provides pastors and churches with church growth tools and resources that are designed to reach African-Americans based upon research and over 30 years of experience working within the African-American Church culture.

Dr. Dana Carson has written two dissertations, based upon original research with African-Americans, while completing his doctorate in Theological Studies in Church Growth from the acclaimed Boston University and his Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. Dr. Carson has dedicated his life to researching, understanding, and repositioning the black church for 21st century success and effectiveness.

Dr. Carson has authored over 100 books and Bible study guides that focus on the Kingdom of God, spiritual development, and leadership. Thus, the Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment, in partnership with the IntelliChurchTM Corporation, offers a line of church growth curriculums and products that are designed to assist churches, especially the African-American Church, in their church design, growth, and development. Additionally, the Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment, along with the IntelliChurchTM Corporation, has specially engineered Church Growth and Development Systems that are designed to assist churches from start up status to large church status.

The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment also assists in one of the most important areas in the African-American Church, as it relates to long-term sustainability and the pastor’s salary package, and that is the area of financial stewardship.

Dr. Carson has authored four books on financial stewardship that teach sound financial principles garnered from his Fuqua Global Executive MBA from Duke University. In the 21st century, African-American churches must have a business mentality, and Dr. Carson will assist in entrepreneurship, building, and land acquisition, having built and burned the mortgage on two mega church status buildings, acquiring 221 acres of land, owning two additional office spaces, and is in the process of paying off another 11 acre plus campus.

The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment is committed to continual and consistent research and development in the area of African-American Church Growth Studies that builds upon the original research findings from Dr. Dana Carson’s original research. The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment will assist black leaders and black churches to build stronger, financially sound, and more stable 21st century churches that will touch the world for Christ’s and His Kingdom!

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