Corporate worship defines the essence of Christianity. Judaism centered upon the Tabernacle, the Temple and the synagogue, and the early church revolved around the Temple and house-to-house. The church of the patristics centered around basilicas or Roman Church edifices. Corporate worship, when believers in God come together to engage God in physical/spiritual reverence and celebration and hear a message from the Lord through His divine representative, is a biblical mandate in which every believer is commanded to participate. Corporate worship is vital to the spiritual sustainability of the church and its members. However, research suggests that 63% of all churches have not changed their church liturgy since 1947. Research also states, “Churches that have a more contemporary worship format report a greater increase in attendance than churches that have maintained their traditional worship format.” In order to present a worship service that is relevant to the multi-generational presence of contemporary worshipers, we must design a more relevant worship liturgy that does not compromise the Word of God but is understandable and meaningful to a new generation.

Worship attendance is in decline, and you must ask yourself, “Why aren’t sports events and other secular mega-events also in decline?” Why are people not choosing to spend their time with us anymore? We must consider the way in which we offer Christ in a new generation. This seminar will be one of the most powerful and life-changing seminars you have ever experienced. In this seminar, “How to Develop a 21st Century Worship Service: Maintaining the Presence of God While Reaching a New Generation,” Dr. Dana Carson, the Kingdom Voice and African-American Church Growth Expert, will assist you in designing and developing a 21st century worship service that connects with multiple generations. This worship seminar will revolutionize your approach to worship, without upsetting your biblical values, and make your church service more attractive to non-churchgoers.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • How to assess the effectiveness of your current worship service and identify what needs to change and what needs to remain

  • The top 5 expectations of those who attend worship

  • How to integrate technology into the worship experience
  • How to develop a worship team that leads the people in worship with the spirit of excellence

  • How to design and develop a liturgy that is relevant, moving, and creates an experience with God

  • The most effective ways to connect to each generation of worshipers

  • The history of worship and how to apply what is relevant and necessary in your worship service
  • How to integrate new worship styles and functions into the worship service
  • The place of music, singing, and dancing in 21st century worship
  • How to be culturally relevant in your worship presentation
  • And much, much more!

This exciting and highly engaging seminar, “How to Develop a 21st Century Worship Service: Maintaining the Presence of God While Reaching a New Generation,” will revolutionize how you lead your church and catapult you to the growth and ministry satisfaction that you desire.

Date: September 9th

Time: 12 PM

Length of Seminar: 3 – 4 Hours

Location: DCKM Leadership Development & Training Corporation | 7401 Gulf Freeway | Houston, TX 77017

Priced at $499, this seminar is being offered to pastors and church leaders for free – ABSOLUTELY FREE! Seating is limited and requires a $20 seat reservation in order to secure your seat – ACT RIGHT NOW! (Limited to 2 seats per church) Click on the link below to reserve your seat today!

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