We are called to do 21st century church in the age of the technological revolution, which has shifted the ways the world operates and people think. Technology absolutely runs the world, and every individual utilizes technology – at home, in the workplace, and in education. The challenge is that statistics reveal that growing churches have integrated technology into the fabric of their churches. Thus, there is a correlation between non-growing churches and the lack of the use of technology. If your church is going to maximize its growth potential in today’s climate and culture, it must integrate technology. However, many older church leaders, who did not grow up using technology, don’t feel comfortable using it nor do they have a great deal of value for it.

However, statistics reveal that the average smartphone user checks his/her device once every six minutes (or 150 times a waking day). In 2012, non-profits saw a 21% increase in online revenue in 2012 over the previous year. Churches who employed online giving on their websites saw a five- or six-fold increase in donation dollars. In 2012, 33% of non-profits’ online revenue was sourced to email. For groups with monthly giving programs, monthly giving revenue grew at a much faster rate than one-time giving; one-time gifts accounted for 89% of online giving. Unfortunately, church leaders in declining churches have not understood the benefits of technology, and 35% of church leaders discourage the use of technology in their churches.

In this seminar, “How to Increase Your Membership and Giving Through Social Media and Technology,” the Kingdom Voice and African-American Church Growth Expert, Dr. Dana Carson, and his team, will teach you how to integrate the use of technology in your church and position you to see immediate holistic benefits.

In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The 15 benefits of technology and church

  • How technology can become the main communication line that keeps you connected to your congregation

  • How to design a communication network that informs your members of all the pertinent information you desire to communicate
  • How to use technology to create both vertical and horizontal communication within your staff and congregation

  • How to increase your giving at least 30% through the use of technology

  • 10 ways to make smartphones work for you

  • How to utilize social media platforms to get your message out to more people and households
  • How to use social media to launch virtually cost-free marketing campaigns
  • How to began an effective streaming ministry
  • And much, much, more!

The “How to Increase Your Membership and Giving Through Social Media and Technology,” seminar will revolutionize how you lead your church and catapult you to the growth and ministry satisfaction that you desire.

Date: October 28th

Time: 12 PM

Length of Seminar: 3 – 4 Hours

Location: DCKM Leadership Development & Training Corporation | 7401 Gulf Freeway | Houston, TX 77017

This seminar is normally offered at a $499 value, but is being offered during this year for the discounted, affordable price of $199, with additional discounts for 5 or more. Seating is limited so register TODAY to secure your seat. Click on the link below to reserve your seat today!

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How to Increase Your Churches’ Giving


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The How To Increase Your Church’s Giving Seminar is designed to equip you to face the financial challenges your ministry faces. Move your church towards greater levels of success that can be measured in disciples and dollars in this dynamic and impactful workshop seminar!

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