What is the Center for  Church Growth? We offer a wide variety of Church Growth and leadership development seminars/workshop for Pastors and church leaders with a special emphasis in African American Church Growth.
What are Church Growth Seminars? Church Growth Seminars are specialty trainings in the (9) fundamentals of church growth and health and (7) advanced seminars that are designed to assist churches in their vision execution.
What are Church Growth Seminars? Church Growth Seminars are specialty trainings in the (9) fundamentals of church growth and health and (7) advanced seminars that are design to assists churches in their vision execution.

Welcome to The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment

“Growing churches through leadership empowerment…one church at a time!”

Hi, my name is Dr. Dana Carson. Thank you for visiting The Center for Church Growth and Kingdom Empowerment site. I hope that you find a seminar that will solve your ministry need. I am committed to assisting churches in developing their turnaround  and next level strategies through the utilization of my unique academic training and over 30 years of church growth and planting experience! While in seminary, which I attended while I was pastoring my first church, I vowed to God that if He would help me get through my Master of Divinity, I would assist pastors and church leaders who needed help.  Since that time, the Lord further equipped me for the task with multiple doctorates that focus on church growth and leadership development, in addition to a Duke Global Executive MBA.

This year, I will be offering church growth seminars ABSOLUTELY FREE every month for one year. Seating is limited so that attendees can receive individualized attention. With over 30 years in ministry, God has prepared me to assist every kind of church in almost every ministry area (church planting, international ministry, relocation, small church, large church, etc.), no matter the denomination, but especially minority churches. I studied church growth at Boston University and wrote a dissertation that focused upon bringing black men back to church. Then, God graced me to complete a research project focused on church growth and multiculturalism for my Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership. In these church growth seminars, I will share what I’ve learned both academically and experientially.

Why am I offering these high value seminars for FREE?

  • Reason #1: I made a vow to the Lord that I would help
  • Reason #2: 8,000-10,000 churches are closing annually in North America
  • Reason #3: Many pastors are growing frustrated with attending mega-church pastors and leaders conferences, having a good time, but leaving without the skills and clear directions that can practically assist them in ministry
  • Reason #4: Last but not least, I have had the experience of growing successful churches, while training successful church leaders!

Many pastors are burned out and frustrated. Studies show that 1,500 pastors a month leave the pulpit. Pastors all over the world are experiencing tremendous challenges managing and growing their churches in this 21st century church context. My training and over 30 years of leadership experience has both prepared and equipped me to assist you in executing your vision and becoming the pastor of a growing church. These church growth seminars are priced at $499 per seminar. I’m offering them ABSOLUTELY FREE to pastors who realize they need help; who realize they need a turnaround or “next level” strategy. Reserve your space today for $20 in order to guarantee your seat – you’ll be so glad you did. Come join in on the testimonies of thousands of pastors all over the world as God adds to your church daily! 




I want to increase my church’s attendance and membership.



I want to make an impactful impression upon my visitors that drives them to return.



I want to turn my church’s visitors into church members.



I want to increase membership involvement in my church.



I want to attract new members without losing my old ones.


How to Make Disciples

I want to turn my members into fully functioning disciples.



I want to develop or increase the impact of the fellowship ministries of my church (i.e. men’s, women’s, couples, singles, etc.)



I want to create a 21st century worship service that connects with multiple generations.



I want to have outreach ministries that contribute to the growth of my church.

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How to Increase Your Churches’ Giving


Limited Space Available

The How To Increase Your Church’s Giving Seminar is designed to equip you to face the financial challenges your ministry faces. Move your church towards greater levels of success that can be measured in disciples and dollars in this dynamic and impactful workshop seminar!

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